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"I enjoyed the first one, so I jumped at the chance to read this one. So good! I loved the story, the world-building and characters well well written, and the story was easy to follow!"—Stephanie Curtner

"This book was amazing. I really love the way the author described the characters, it really drew me in."—Amber Lyon

“I was looking for an Australian author for Australian kids. Amanda's work is excellent. Talon is just great for my Year 4-6 students. It is well crafted and well told. I have become a fan. Highly recommended.”—Allen Simmons

“A creative beginning for an electrifying series, a perfect combination of action and magic. A great book for all ages.”—La Jolla

“Once again, Amanda Greenslade has woven together a complex world for her characters, featuring a mixture of cultural beliefs, extraordinary telepathic abilities and interesting creatures. An engrossing and enjoyable read!”—L.E. Horn

“Another good addition to the series, even better than the last.

“The good: Skyearls (dragon-like creatures) are super pretty and charming in all ways, and I definitely want one. Enchanted swords that seem to have some secrets of their own. Shapeshifting, mental bonds to animals, telepathy, and seige warfare. Great worldbuilding. I'll be reading the next one - I liked it. ... this book, like the first, is basically all about religion.”—Fernstrom, D
“I really enjoyed reading this book. It is a fantasy with a lot of action put in it and for the most part, is a very easy read. But, this is definitely a book that cannot be read alone. You need to read Talon first.

“I had a lot of trouble understanding what was going on in the first couple of chapters because it seems like Tanza immediately picks up where Talon left off. I was left to puzzle over what wavelengths were (being able to telepathically communicate with bond animals, or kin). I was confused and, to be honest, I do not like reading a book where I am confused.

“But, I am very happy to say, I found out that there is a glossary at the very end of the book (thank you Amanda Greenslade!!!) that explained everything. So I was able to reread those chapters with a better understanding of what is going on. Also, kudos to her including the glossary. It also had how to pronounce some of the names. I am a weirdo who likes to know how the names are actually said. I know I’m not the only one….lol.

“As promised, this book is filled with action….which started right after Talon bonded with his skyearl, who happens to be the Emperor of the skyearls. The Zeikas are a fanatical religious group who are bound and determined to kill any race/religion that doesn’t agree with them and Tanza is next on their list. Fortunately, Tanza is protected by a barrier and it does take them a little while (about halfway through the book) before they succeed in breaching the barrier.

“I want to say that the battles in this book were impressive…on both ends. From the demons/conjurers/dragons on the Zeika side to the Anzaii/Rada-kin (and all the other kin)/skyearls on the Tanza side….the battles were epic. I couldn’t get enough of them.

“The religious undertones of the book were just right.Krii is, and I am going to assume this, just like Jesus and the Zeikas are just like Satan. The battles are definitely a battle between good and evil but the lines are blurred behind the Tanza lines too. There are extremists on both ends and the extremists can cause a lot of harm (and they did in this book).

“I also wasn’t expecting certain things to happen at the ending and was kinda thrown for a loop when it did. But, thinking about it, there were huge red flags thrown up in the last chapters of the book. So I really shouldn’t have been that surprised….lol.


“How many stars will I give Tanza? 4. Why? A great fantasy book with well written characters. If you didn’t read book 1, like me, I suggest you go and read it. If you don’t, then make use of the glossary at the end of the book.

“Age range: Adult. Why: No sex (but there is mention of a rape and the threat of rape in the book) and lots of violence.”—Eason, Jolie

"This book is simply badass. I love how this book is written and the story line [sic]. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars"—Jessica Promenchenkel

"I love the simalarity [sic] of the Christian element in these books, Krii as god ... Bravo I couldn't put these books down. Ciera on the cover of the Tanza book tells the story in his look, determination, strength, stalwartness prepared to look after Talon (Astor) at any cost, similar to Peter the disciple.

"Also how clever to have Talon and his faithful Ciera exiled for a short period of time. Which to me gives Talon time to save Sarlice from the Zeikas (Devils) and for him to learn more of his abilities to become closer to Krii to defeat the evildoers ...

"Loved how you assisted Talon to want to be an Astor introducing Jaalta. Anyway please let me know when the next edition is available."—A. Karas

"With soul-bonds and magic and quests to rid the land of evil, I thoroughly enjoyed Talon. As soon as I saw Tanza was available, I had to read it. It was definitely worth the wait, even if I am behind.

"Talon and Sarlice travel to Tanza to seek aid. Along the way, Talon bonds again – to both a sword and the Emperor Skyearl called Ciera, making him a legendary Astor. But despite his many talents, the enemy is drawing in and it isn’t long until all those who follow Krii are under mass attack.

"For a girl who loves Roman-era fiction because of the battle tactics and formations used, Tanza was a delight for me. The majority of the book was a battle. But as well as the normal siege weapons – catapults etc – there was magic, mystical creatures and people with various bonds that should not be underestimated. I completely engaged with the text – it was the first book that I’ve stayed up late to finish for a while.

"I can see how this would work as a weakness though. If you aren’t particularly interested in battles and fights, you would probably be bored out of your mind. I enjoyed this book – but I can easily see why others wouldn’t.

"Talon grows tremendously as a character, and not just because of his new bonds. He becomes a leader in his own right and by the end of the book, is able to give commands and lead men into battle. He even understands the sacrifice of having men die for him. But he remains humble throughout, signified by his relationships with others.

"New characters are introduced in abundance, but a few stuck out for me. Prince Tyba was a great character, not only in his own right but because of the loyalty he inspired in Talon. Talon often refers to him as “my prince” and his submission to Tyba’s leadership keeps Talon grounded. It would have been easy to make him too powerful.

"Jett is understated but provide a genuine friendship for Talon. Considering the danger the characters end up in, those moments of friendship helped lighten the mood when it was required.

"Old characters practically vanish. Despite being Talon’s first bond, Rekala is barely in the novel. It made sense with the plot, but I was left with the feeling that every time Talon got a new bond, the others became less significant. I had this problem in Talon as well.

"The issue for me was Talon’s thoughts – he would instantly think of Sarlice (another character left on the sidelines), but not Rekala. Yet one he fancied, the other he was soul-bound too. I really hope we get to see Talon with all of his soul-bonds in one place and each being important to both him and the plot.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Tanza. My hopes for the next book involve the equal balancing of the characters and Talon learning what he is truly capable of. I hope it doesn’t disappoint."—Lindsey Roberts

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