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Book 1 in the series of 8, Talon, was released on 1 April 2016.

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Book 2 Tanza is also available.

Writing Talon has been a journey of more than ten years for me, as I began writing it when I was in High School and at time of publication I am now in my mid-thirties.

Book one of The Astor Chronicles, Talon is an adult fantasy novel written in the first person point of view and set in the world of Chryne.

Chryne is a land of harsh contrasts, from the blistering infernos of the Barh Desert to the dense tropical jungles of Duuryn, from the misty lowlands of Tanza to the rolling plains and fields of Telby. West, over the Kiayr Ranges, is the most formidable terrain in all of Chryne—mountains draped with black ice and prowled by ominous creatures of an ancient past. Into this world, the reader is thrust.

Telling the story is Talon, a young warrior of nineteen whose immediate family have all but perished. He is a member of a faith called Kriites, who have magical gifts bestowed upon them by their god, Krii whose visible form on Chryne is that of a white wolf.

These gifts are known as the Astor (A: Anzaii, S: Sleffion, T: Tolite, R: Rada). They enable the bonding of Kriites with another being, a telepathic/empathic relationship that utilizes the waves (a level of consciousness or spirit realm). The Anzaii are the most gifted of all, reminiscent of the original twenty human beings who communicated telepathically.

These abilities are the Kriites’ best defence against their enemies, the Zeikas. The Zeikas are a race of immortals who receive their power and longevity from demons of Zeidarb. They are on a quest to eliminate all who oppose their religion and take their ‘rightful place’ as world rulers. The Kriites are all that stand in their way.

There are a number of Kriite groups spread across the world of Chryne and though they share the same beliefs, they are not united. There are the people of Tanza who possess the Sleffion gift of bonding with a skyearl (gigantic flying chimeras), the weapon-folk of Watercrag who possess the Tolite gift of weapon-bonding and the scattered groups who possess the Rada gift of animal-bonding.

Talon comes from Jaria, a secluded race of Rada, who bond with animals. Talon commences at a point in Talon’s life where his youth is coming to an end. Among his people, who are often gifted, he is somewhat of a late bloomer, thus begins Talon’s Hero’s Journey

It is an emotional and spiritual journey for him almost as much as it is a physical quest and adventure.


Talon: 19 year-old Jarian male, main character

Rekala: sentient icetiger female, Talon’s Rada-kin (animal partner)
Tiaro: sentient Anzaii artefact (an earring), Talon’s Anzaii-kin
Sarlice: 24 year-old Lythian female, Talon’s guide and close friend
Kestric: sentient firetiger male, Sarlice’s Rada-kin
Henter: black warbow, Sarlice’s Tolite-kin

Other major characters

Lira: 18 year-old Telbion female, a travelling companion of Talon and Sarlice’s

More about this epic fantasy book for new adults (bridge) readers

A group of immortals from a distant island is making a move on the mainland, where the Kriites have long lived in peace within the realms of Telby and Jaria. It will soon be up to a young Jarian man, named Talon, to find a way to fight back. Talon has long-awaited his own Rada-kin, or bond animal, and is surprised when the proximity of Zeikas triggers his bonding with both an icetiger and a special living earring. He is soon able to speak through the waves, a psychic power only possessed by descendants of the ancient Kriites, and shapeshift.

After Jaria is attacked by the Zeikas he embarks on a mission to seek help. Along with his guide and protector, Sarlice of Lyth, he heads for Telby, but his enemies are already there. Before Talon even understands the power within him, the flame-wielding, demon-calling Zeikas are already after Talon. The Zeika leader, Bal Harar, seeks to capture and enslave him. An immortal with more time than most to achieve his goals, Bal Harar will use Talon's body and mind to further his ambition for power.

Due to his bloodline and abilities, Talon is both the single greatest threat and the single greatest boon to the Zeika’s god-given mission to enslave or kill all Kriites. Talon’s actions will make all the difference between stopping the Zeikas, and empowering them to decimate his people.

If you enjoy high fantasy with lots of action and creatures, this is a great series for you.

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