Talon, an Epic Fantasy Novel

by Amanda Greenslade

Talon and Ciera from epic fantasy novel by A Greenslade

Talon must fight for the survival of his people, who are given amazing gifts of bonding with animals, weapons and flying skyearls.


What could be better than bonding with a ferocious icetiger, meeting a red-haired warrior woman and being sent on a diplomatic mission to the greatest city in the world?

Like most of his people Talon can transform into animal-forms and he has use of the waves, a supernatural plaine where bond-partners can communicate across vast distances.

With growing magical abilities, 19-year-old Talon travels with Rekala and Sarlice to the city of Telby. Their mission? To seek help for the people of Jaria against their zealous enemies, the Zeikas. With their exile no longer in effect, the Zeikas are moving in on Jaria, other nations of the Kriite faith and on Talon. Although his gifts make him a valuable asset in the fight against the Zeikas, if Talon is captured his powers could be turned against all Kriites.

Faced with betrayal, capture and near-constant pursuit, Sarlice and Talon travel across Telby, fighting their way to reach Tanza, a distant Kriite nation. Tanza is shrouded in mystery, protected by a magical barrier and guarded by the colourful, furred skyearls who patrol the skies. But when raiding Zeikas and their dragons start using human sacrifices to break through the barrier, Tanza is drawn into the most epic battle of the age. Talon's arrival is a miracle, but will it be enough?


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