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Cybersafety Book
Casey has a new robot named Aon, and it is his job to teach him how to behave. Aon is keen to learn about the internet, so Casey informs him how children can stay safe online.

“Just because someone on the internet says something doesn’t mean it’s true,” says Casey. “In fact, there are more lies on the internet than anywhere.”    Read More

Young Adult–Adult Fantasy

The Astor Chronicles
Shape-changers, telepaths,
immortals, dragons,
and an epic spiritual war.

Rekala wrestled with the fallen Zeika, pushing her teeth closer to his throat. She worried his neck charm free of a concealing pouch. It showed a single triangle outside a circular Xeldfet symbol. He was a Warder, capable of casting wards, but not fire.

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About the Author

Amanda Greenslade is a writer from Queensland, Australia who is the author of the children’s book series Myra and the Magic Motorcycle as well as the YA–adult epic fantasy series The Astor Chronicles. She aims to make every book she writes entertaining and thought-provoking.

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