Wild White

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Have you ever seen a white bobcat? No, of course you haven’t. There’s only one, and he’s so elusive that he’s like a spirit—unlikely, unseen, unheard of.

He sneaks up on his prey, using his powers of subterfuge and his white coat to hide until it is too late. Two black eyes blinking in the snow is all you will see of Wild White in winter. In the warmer months it is harder to hide—white against a backdrop of greenery and flowers, rocks and crags—but Wild White has honed his abilities, and uses tricks of the light to remain unseen.

When two hunters from the south catch a glimpse of the rare white bobcat in the Canadian rockies, they become determined to capture him. Will they succeed? Will Wild White’s beloved home never be safe again? Will the world finally know that white bobcats exist?


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