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Unfortunately Talon is not published yet. I am in the process of contacting agents and publishers. To be informed as soon as Talon is available for sale, please sign up for my mailing list.

Who is Talon suitable for?

Talon is an adult fantasy novel, but it is suitable for young adults too.

The language is rich and detailed, but there is a glossary in the back to assist readers who need it.

Talon can be used for study at book groups or in the classroom as it contains many layers of meaning that can be taken in various ways. It touches on issues of spirituality, warfare, morality, politics, managing emotions and the balance of power between the genders.

Maybe you know someone who doesn't usually read much, but loves computer games like World of Warcraft. This is a great book for times when the server goes down. *wink*

If you and another member of your family or a friend read it you'll have plenty to talk about later.

Talon provides entertainment that lasts longer than a movie or DVD. In times when every dollar you spend has to work for you, a book is a better investment.

Entertainment that lasts longerBuy a book

Books are better for the imagination than many other forms of entertainment. You can take them with you wherever you go and it takes longer to read a book than it does to watch a movie or go to the theatre.

Books are cheaper than computer games and many would say they're more relaxing and more intellectually stimulating. You can lend one from a friend or a library and not pay a single cent.

Go on, add books to your list of entertainment. You’ll be glad you did.


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