The Anger Volcano

Amanda Greenslade

Help children learn how to keep their cool

The Anger Volcano: A Book About Anger for Kids is for children aged 4–10 who need a little bit of inspiration to control their temper. A valuable resource for parents, counsellors, youth workers and teachers, it builds on the principles of neuroplasticity. The Anger Volcano encourages kids to use simple rhymes and exercises to train their brain, so that anger explosions can become a thing of the past.

"Excellent. ... I'd like to see this in all school libraries!"—Pat McKelvey

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"The Anger Volcano is a great tool to use with your child to talk about emotions and work on constructive skills to better regulate them. The format offers an additional exercise known to bring calm — coloring."—Penny Williams [Read full review]

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What age group is this book for?
I've tried to cover all ages with the techniques and encourage you and your child to come up with your own also (info. at back of book). Some of the mental acrobatics techniques are for little ones (4-5 years: look for circles in your environment, slow breathing), some for ages 6-7 (count backwards from 10 or 20) and some are for older ones 8-10 (subtract 8 hrs, spell 'experimentally').

There are a variety of suggestions in The Anger Volcano and the main thing is for you to teach the principle of redirecting thoughts, so they get control of their behaviour before they explode. There are lots of websites about techniques for dealing with anger, so this is by no means the be all and end all, but in the mix I hope it will be helpful.

When to seek help for an angry child
Nothing replaces good cognitive behaviour therapy from a trained psychologist! Please get help for you and your children if you are having problems managing anger. It is normal for all of us to get angry sometimes. We all feel angry or enraged from time to time and that is OK.

What's not OK is when your child is breaking rules frequently because of their anger. For example, in our house, the rules around anger are:

Rules About Feeling Angry
It is OK to feel angry but I…

Go to a calming place to calm down Hurt or harm myself
Tell someone how upset I am Hurt or harm others
Visualise my calm place, do some relaxation or yoga poses, do some tense and relaxation, take slow breaths, get a cold glass of water, use the distraction techniques in The Anger Volcano book, scream into a pillow, punch a punch-bag, jump into a jump pit or mattress or tramp, go on the swings. Damage property

If your child is engaging in the do nots regularly (eg. every day or two) and you are having difficulty with the do list, get help.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
"This book teaches children to use mental aerobics when they are feeling about to "erupt." I liked the suggestions they give and also that they recommend the child practice the techniques while they are calm. This will help them know what to do when they feel they are getting upset or mad. It also tells children to talk about the feelings after they have calmed, not just push them aside, but process the feelings also. The illustrations are in black and white and the book is written in verse which made it fun to read and I am sure it will be fun for children to listen to or read alone if they are old enough."—Cassandra Hillegass

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
'I work in with children in a lot of different situations and occasionally come across children who are very angry. This book would be perfect for a lot of them.
It is written simply with illustrations which match the text perfectly. I like the repetition and rhyme which would make it easier for some to understand.
It highlights how anger can show itself and in different ways. Then gives some ways you can try to help you combat the anger. These techniques could prove very effective."—Denise Cross

If your child is exhibiting behaviour that is unlike those of his or her peers, and you are concerned about their rage or anger, please seek help as early as possible. For other emotions, like sadness, the situation may be similar (please see the Sorrow Sea page).

You care for a child who is overwhelmed by emotions. You are doing the right thing seeking help.

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