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About The Astor Chronicles

icetigerThe Astor Chronicles is an epic high fantasy series beginning with the first book Talon. The author has plans for at least six books. It is set in the magical world of Chryne, a world most easily compared with medieval times, though there are several important differences.

  1. Women are treated as equals (except by the antagonists)
  2. There is a level of consciousness or spirit realm called “the waves” which can be used for communication and warfare
  3. Some of the believers of two deities on Chryne are endowed with magical abilities, most of which centre around the waves
  4. The vast majority of the population are polytheist or atheist
  5. Sentient animals (Rada-kin) are common throughout most of Chryne and their masters are sought-after for the work they and their animals can do
  6. A race of chimera-like beasts called skyearls have a magical ability to fly and create gravity-defying platforms in the sky
  7. Technology is not particularly important for architecture, warfare or communication in certain realms because of the sentient animals and skyearls
  8. Lifetimes generally last about 80 years, but one particular group extends this time by cohabiting with the spiritual minions of one of the deities

The wide variety of characters and settings in the world of Chryne provide an incredible playground for the imagination that only a lengthy series can do justice to.

Other main characters will come to the fore in book two and later books, but Talon will be the central focus throughout. Not every book will be written from the first person point of view.

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(special thanks to Evelyn Doyle for help with its design)


The realm of Tanza, inspired by the incredible karst towers of Guangxi province, China


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